Holocaust Heroes: Fierce Females Tapestry and Sculpture by Linda Stein


What defines bravery?
What makes a hero?

Who is the woman in your life you consider a hero?
Mom?   Sister?   Friend?   Teacher?

Who is your favorite pop culture hero?
Lisbeth Salander from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?   Lady Gaga?

Who is the superhero you would like to be?
Wonder Woman?   Storm?

Linda Stein’s fast-paced and inspiring lecture merges all of the above with images of ten extraordinary women from the Holocaust who undoubtedly are heroes.They risked their lives to save many others. They didn’t think of themselves as heroes at all, but they were. Stein is a feminist activist-artist addressing issues concerning strength, power and justice in contemporary culture. She uses her art as a starting point to spark the audience’s imagination to find that personal place to feel a most authentic self. With over 150 moving and still images, Stein takes her audience on a half-hour journey from Persecution to Protection, from the Bully to the Moral Exemplar.